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15 September 2015

Garbarino Pumps and Parts

A year ago Roodhart became the proud dealer of Garbarino pumps. It was a very interesting and exiting first year in which we served many, especially marine orientated customers with new pumps and parts. Most customers already knew the quality pumps of Garbarino, but with local service and attention we were able to satisfy many end users.

Garbarino is a well-known brand in the marine sector, but more and more industrial clients are choosing the reliable Garbarino pumps as an alternative with full satisfaction.

Many Garbarino pumps and parts are now in stock at our warehouse in Rotterdam, so for the most pumps and parts needed we can serve you at short notice. This has proven to be of considerable benefit to many clients, old and new alike.

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Garbarino_Stock1 Garbarino_stock2Garbarino MU Garbarino BT Garbarino MU-LDS Garbarino ZN MU-VS1 Garbarino VL Garbarino MM2 Garbarino IN-INML_small