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Houttuin screwpump

Mechanical seal repair Houttuin double entry twin screw pump

Roodhart did a 24-hour return service of a double entry twin screw pump for a tank terminal in Europoort. After diagnosing all 4 mechanical seals were broken down the decision was made to dismount the complete pump and transport it to the workshop at Roodhart.

The pump was partially disassembled so that the mechanical seals could be dismounted. All four mechanical seals were thoroughly cleaned, inspected and repaired. The sealfaces were lapped and the elastomers were replaced by new ones. After assembling the mechanical seals they were each tested for leakage.

The pump was completely assembled and transported back to the tank terminal. Roodhart mounted the pump back in the process and aligned the pump and motor by laser shaft alignment. Before taking the pump back into service a successful test run was carried out.

Photos Houttuin screwpump