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Mechanical Seals

In industrial pump applications, the mechanical seal is often the most critical component, and its proper functioning therefore significantly impacts the life of your pump. At Roodhart Group, we have a state-of-the-art refurbishment facility at our disposal and a team of skilled engineering experts in place specialized in maintenance, repair and overhaul of mechanical seals. We can supply many spares and upgrade parts of your existing mechanical seals at a fraction of the cost that the original equipment manufacturer would charge you. This commercial edge is based on the fact that we are not tied to any brand name and we are able to negotiate competitive prices with suppliers of high-quality materials. Furthermore, our application engineers are specialized in creating customized solutions, and we will be happy to provide advice on upgrades to extend the life of your existing mechanical seals and pump systems.

Roodhart Group – trusted supplier of a wide range of new mechanical seals

In addition to repair and maintenance services, Roodhart Group is a trusted supplier of a comprehensive range of new, high-quality mechanical seals. To a significant extent, these are used in the food, energy and chemical industry. We have over 10,000 mechanical seals available from stock, guaranteeing short delivery times.

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