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Roodhart has one of the most comprehensive  mechanical seal service shops arround refurbishing mechanical seals of all brands.

We have  inhouse equipment for ultrasonic cleaning, several lapping machines, hight tech measuring equipment, electronic microscope and a full testing facility where all seals can be pressurised and tested before they are shipped.  But even more important than the equipment is the high standard of the people working 24/7 to maintain the quality and service standard

Roodhart  repairs and can replace mechanical seals of all brands, when required we use original spare parts into the repair.

Key factor on the mechanical seal repair is the initial failure analysis that is done with each seal that comes into the service shop, 80% of the time this analysis shows the reason for failure (materials/dryrunning,pump bearing operator issues etc.) .  Roodhart can anticipate and advise on improving the mechanical seal life and by that increasing MTBF.