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15 April 2014

Pump performance testing facility officially opened

Today, the new and extensive pump performance testing facility of the Roodhart Group is officially opened by Jeannette Baljeu, Alderwoman responsible for the port, traffic and regional economic affairs of Rotterdam.

This pump performance testing facility for pump systems is unique in the southwest Netherlands. Both horizontal and vertical pumps with a capacity of up to 10,000 m3 per hour can be tested for their functionality, performance and efficiency. The Roodhart Group performs performance tests of the pump across the pump’s operating region to ensure that it meets customer specifications.

The heart of the test facility is its custom designed PLC based automated pump test software that allows all system parameters to be monitored and controlled from a central control station. The software provides precise system control to achieve and maintain specific operating conditions so that data from calibrated precision electronic sensors can be collected and recorded for use in determining pump performance.

Feel free to contact us regarding price and scheduling for your next performance test.

Pump performance test specifications

Open Loop
Test flow0 - 10,000 m3/hr
Supply bassin volume300 m3
Supply bassin depth4 m
Closed Loop
Test flow0 - 1,200 m3/hr
Maximum differential pressure150 bar
Maximum Netto Pressure Suction Head available (NPSHa)40 m
Supply tank volume25 m3
Other specifications
Power supply380 kW @ 400 V (more possible)
Variable Frequency Drive for precise speed controlthrough 160 kW @ 400 V
Calibrated flow, pressure, vibration, torque, temperature and speed measuring equipment.
Precision speed measurement (RPM) collected with an advanced laser speed ring assembly
On-site electronic meterological grade barometer and temperature measurement provides accurate ambient condition data
Baseplate mounted units can be tested using job motor if power rating is sufficient for testing with water
Standard Roodhart test procedures based on NEN-EN-ISO 9906 Grade 1 & 2 / ANSI/HI 14.6 Class 1 & 2
Stadards can be modified to meet specific customer requirements

These features combined produce the most accurate test possible, the results of which are then compiled into a certified comprehensive report.