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Roodhart BB5

The Roodhart B5 Multistage barrel pumps are designed to meet high pressure and temperature requirements in the Oil and Gas and Power Generation Industry. For Oil and Gas industry The Roodhart B5 pumps are designed according to the latest API 610 edition.

Roodhart B5 pumps are designed as a full cartridge centerline foot mounted for high temperature stability with single suction impellers where axial thrust is balanced by axial drum. Axial thrust balance drum is adequately shaped to optimize rotor rotodynamics behavior.

Forged barrel material is suitable to improve corrosion and high stress application. FEA  thermal and mechanical analysis is applied into design in order to create safe and reliable product.

Large impeller eye on the first stage provides low NPSHr.

Stuffing box is designed to meet all API 682 mechanical seals and seal flush piping plans. Cooling chamber as a part of stuffing box is available.

Different bearing arrangement, complete with various lubrication option, is available depends of application and client requirements.


API - Series BB5 – Design Features

Maximum CapacityUp to 900 m3/h
Maximum HeadUp to 3000 m
Maximum TemperatureUp to 300˚C
Power Supply
Material DesignCast steel
Chrome steel
Chrome-Nickel-Molybdenum steel
All API Material class available
Special material available
Pump Size
ApplicationsPetroleum RefineriesHigh Pressure Boiler Feed
Petrochemical Process Other High Pressure Services
Liquefied Gas Transfer
High Pressure Water Injection Service
AdvantagesLow maintenance costs
Low operation costs
Ease of installation