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Roodhart BB1

The Roodhart BB1 series is the state-of-the art product in the horizontal axial split case pumps market. It meets or exceeds the requirements of intended market applications.

The family of pumps capitalizes fully optimized casing hydraulic concept to minimize turbulence at the impeller eye, by its straight laminar approach, thus maximizing efficiency. This also results in the lowest profile and minimum floor space of any BB1 pump on the market today.

The pump family has been designed for low installation cost, and ease of maintenance objectives.

BB1 Design 07 Raw casing 11 Raw Impeller

API - BB1 Series - Design Features

Maximum CapacityUp to 15000 m3/h
Maximum Head
Maximum TemperatureUp to 180˚C
Power Supply
Material DesignCast and Ductile iron
Carbon steel and Cr-Ni cast steel
Super Duplex
All API Material class available
Special material available
Pump Size
ApplicationsGeneral industryHot Water Circulation
Water SupplyChemical
Water TreatmentFood and Beverage Industry
Power GenerationFilter Systems