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DEPA Powder Pumps

This range ensures the gentle pumping of powders in special industrial applications and transfers ‘easy to fluidise’ powders economically and almost dust-free. Powder pumps are often used for rapid unloading of reusable containers and vehicles where mobility and transfer times are essential costs factors.

Powder Pumps

Example industries; plastic manufacturing, chemistry, pharmaceutical, brewing, and food production.

Range; Type DP

  • DP range available in DP50 & 80 in aluminium, cast iron and polished stainless steel (304)
Type DP 40 (1 1/2")DP 50 (2")DP 80 (3")DP 125 (5")
FA - Aluminium
CX - Gietijzer--
SLV - Roestvast Staal 304---