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Garbarino MU/VS

VERTICALLY SUSPENDED LINE-SHAFT PUMPS                                                            

The VS serie pumps are suspended vertical line-shaft, single stage pumps with base plate. The main components (casing, cover, pump flanges etc.) are based on our MU or MCA series pumps.

The VS serie pumps are used to pump clean or dirty fluids that may contain suspended abrasive materials. They are specially useful for many industrial processes, supply drainage, etc.. Thanks to their versatility and material diversification, the VS serie handle and pump a wide range of fluids.

The standard pumps of the VS serie are manufactured with closed impeller and rectangular base plate. The range is wide and includes different impeller options and base plate shapes. They can be adapted to any type and size of tanks, as each model is available in 60 different models and shaft lengths up to 7,5 m.

The remarkably sturdy design of the VS serie pumps offers many significant features, carefully chosen and calculated, making these pumps comply with the most demanding specifications.

Motor frame and bearing box: motor frame ensures overall stiffness and motor support. Alternative solutions with grease lubricated dual ball bearing for standard execution and with bearing cooling chamber for high temperature fluids are available.

Base plate: rectangular base plate in standard execution. Optional versions with circular base plate, according to DIN, ANSI or on drawing measures particularly useful for installation in cylindric tanks are also available. The over thicknessed base plate is calculated to support the overhang and the assembly stresses.

Bushing and tightness: the pump standard sealing on mounting plate is by means of a lip sealing ring. Alternatively also the following executions are available: soft packing – mechanical seal. The standard bushes are lubricated by the pumped fluid. They can also be lubricated by grease, oil, water or other fluids through an external system. Bush grooves ensure the lubrication.

Axial coupling and adjustment: the two-half flexible couplings between the motor and the pump prevent the motor from pump stresses. Alignment between the pump and the motor is not required since the coupling lantern is designed to avoid misalignments. The two sections of the pump shaft are coupled through an intermediate coupling.

Pipes and flanges: flanged column pipe and delivery pipe of VS series are made in welded steel. The discharge flange is UNI-PN 10 standard with “RF” finishing. Maximum length of each column pipe is approx. 1250 mm., according to the pump size. The flanged pipes are connected to each other through an intermediate bearing housing the bush to guide the pump shaft. The column pipe has holes drilled in its lower part, reducing vortex effect once the fluid level decreases.

Pump suction: the wet well standard version is with flanged filter. Alternative executions with suction bell or feeder line for wet well or with 90° elbow pipe with lower support for dry well, are available.

Garbarino MU/VS – Design Features

Maximum CapacityUp to 1600 m3/h
Maximum HeadUp to 150 m
Material DesignCast Iron
Stainless Steel
Special Alloy
Pump Size On request

Garbarino MU/VSGarbarino MU-VS-2