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Garbarino ZN


ZN pumps are designed to handle diathermic fluids up 350°C temperature. Pumped fluids should contain neither abrasive particles nor chemicals which may attack the pump materials. No cooling of the seal chamber required.

ZN serie pumps are of centrifugal, single stage, horizontal shaft type. Self-balancing impeller by rear impeller blades.
The main dimensions of the pump are according to ISO 2858. The bearing housing has been specially designed to dissipate the heat originating from the pump casing and does not require a cooling circuit.
The shaft is supported by two roller bearings, the pump side bearing is lubricated by oil and the coupling side bearing by grease.
The mechanical seal is mounted in the bearing housing between the bearings and its excellent performance is guaranteed by the shaft rigidity.
The standard construction provides the outlet flanges according to UNI 2223/2229 NP 16.
Upon request UNI NP 25 or ANSI 150 RF can be supplied.

Wet parts are in nodular cast iron, impeller and bearing housing in cast iron, the shaft is in alloyed steel.

High standardization of components permits to rationalize common parts with a consequent reduction of spare parts stock.

Generally the pump is driven by an electric motor coupled to the pump by means of an elastic coupling. It is possible to fit a flexible spacer coupling so as to dismantle the complete pump support without removing pump casing and motor from the baseplate. The coupling is protected by a cover, so as to prevent external intrusion.

 Garbarino ZN – Design Features

Maximum CapacityUp to 350 m3/h
Maximum Head Up to 100 m
Maximum TemperatureUp to 350 °C
Maximum SpeedUp to 3600 RPM
Material DesignNodular cast Iron
Pump Size on request

Garbarino ZNGarbarino ZN