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Roodhart GTR

The GTR High Speed Pump has been developed for ‘low-flow, high-pressure’ applications. Because of its mode of operation, the pump has a pulsation free flow and stable hydraulics.

The design concept behind the revolutionary Pitot-Tube-Pump is remarkably uncomplicated; A rotating case using centrifugal force to accelerate liquids through a stationary pick-up tube. The result is a steady, pulsation-free, high-pressure stream achieved with relatively low operating speeds.

The simplicity of this true single-stage pump design practically eliminates maintenance. There are no packing glands, wear rings, throat or throttle bushings as in conventional centrifugal pumps. No complex pistons, rods, valves, springs, or sophisticated system controls of reciprocating pumps. These are all worries of the past. Drive shaft bearings are isolated from liquid flow, protecting from wash-out and possible pump damage. Thousands of on-line applications throughout the world – millions of operating hours – have proven the durability and efficiency of this design.

Only one dynamic seal in the suction side of the pump. No high pressure dynamic seal. This means superior performance, simpler operation, lower operating costs, reduced parts inventory and longer pump life.

Principle of Roodhart GTR Pumps Operation

The basic concept behind the Roodhart GTR Pump is remarkable simple. The pump consists of two basic working parts, the stationary pick-up tube and rotating case. Liquid enters the manifold and passes into the rotor cover where centrifugal force causes the liquid to accelerate and enter the rotor under pressure as it jets into the pick-up tube. The liquid flows through the pick-up tube and is discharged.

The Roodhart GTR Pump runs at relatively low speeds compared with high speed pumps with a resultant lower noise level.

A Roodhart GTR Pump offers distinct benefits in comparison with multi-stage and highspeed centrifugals as well as positive displacement pumps which have been formerly used to develop pressures up to 150 bar, 6.000 rpm.


GTR – Design Features

Maximum CapacityUp to 110 m3/h
Maximum HeadUp to 1900 m
Maximum TemperatureUp to 400˚C
Power Supply
Material DesignCarbon steelHastelloy
Stainless steelDuctile
Duplex Cast iron
Cast steel
Pump Size
Applications & LiquidsChemical and Petro-Chemical boiler feedCO2 condensate
Water injectionRefinery services
Carbon Black Feed StockPower generation
AdvantagesHigh FlexibilityHigh Efficiency
Stable 100% pulsation free flowSelf venting
Wide operating range up and down the curveLow minimum flow
Low pressure shaft sealingLittle moving parts
High reliabilityLow maintenance
Low operating costs