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Roodhart OH2

The Roodhart OH2 series of pumps are designed for optimum performance and reliability. The standard design of these pumps provide ease of maintenance and installation. A wide range of applications can be covered with the Roodhart OH2 series of process pumps.


The pumps are horizontal, single stage, radially slip volute casing pumps. Foot or centerline mounted with closed or open impeller. Axial suction branch, vertical radial discharge branch with flanges being able to withstand bigger loads. The flanges can also be machined to meet different standards.

Shaft sealing chamber as per API 682, specified for installation of cartridge type, single, double or tandem mechanical seals.


API - OH2 Series – Design Features

Maximum Capacity
Maximum Head
Maximum Temperature
Power Supply
Material DesignWide range of materials possible
OptionsOpen ImpellerInternal Flush

Heating JacketFan cooled bracket
Water cooled bracketFlanged drain
Assistant impeller seal
Pump Size
Applications Refineries, petrochemical industriesPaper, pulp, sugar industries
Seawater desalinationHVAC systems
Power plantsShip and offshore applications
Pump MediumPetrochemical productsSulphuric acid, Nitric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Phosphoric acid, Organic acid at various temperatures and concentrations
Sodium carbonate, Sodium hydroxide and alkaline liquid at various temperatures and concentrationsSalt solutions
AdvantagesLow maintenance costsEase of installation
Low operation costs