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Roodhart 811

The fully open impeller, centerline discharge, and other unique design features
allow the 811 to continue operating long after other ANSI pumps wear out or
break down. A choice of extra-heavy-duty, stocked, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel,
Alloy 20 and CD4M pump materials coupled with multiple seal design options
allows you to tailor the 811 to virtually any process flow application.
The fully-open impeller design features large wear areas and back pump-out
vanes, making the 811 far superior in handling corrosive and erosive fluids.
Open impellers balance hydraulic axial thrust loads, lengthen bearing life, and
reduce stuffing box pressure too.
And best of all, the Model 811 is available in a wide range of sizes and capacities
to fit virtually any process fluid application. The Roodhart 811 ANSI pump can
make your life simpler by replacing a warehouse full of pumps, including Goulds
3196, Peerless 8196, Durco Mark II / III, Ingersoll Rand HOC and other ANSI
pumps available on the market.
Please contact us for more information about pricing and interchangeability,
engineerded solutions and complete pump packages.

Roodhart 811 ANSI Process Pumps – Design Features

Maximum CapacityUp to 1400 M³
Maximum Head Up to 130 m.
Power Supply3 phase 50 / 60 Hz.
Material Design All Ductile Iron All Monel
All Stainless 316 All Hastelloy
All Alloy 20Titanium Grades (on request available)
All CD4M
Pump SizesDischarge sizes from 1″ up to 8″
Applications Petrochemical Pulp & Paper
Oil & GasChemical
Water treatment Food Processing
Power Generation