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Roodhart K Non Metallic Pump

Since 2009, the K series non metallic pumps are manufactured by Roodhart.
Roodhart K pumps are engineered, designed and engineered in the Netherlands
and we are proud to continue the manufacturing of this high quality pump
product. Pumps of the Roodhart K series are the ideal choice for corrosive,
abrasive and erosive fluids and available in several configurations to fit in to
your process:

Type KHorizontal pump type K
Type KZHorizontal selfpriming pump type KZ
Type KVVertical sump pump
Type KVV Vertical pump for dry and wet pit installation

Since the beginning of 2009, the production of K Series non metallic pumps has
been taken over by Roodhart from a renowned manufacturer in the South of The
Netherlands. The K pumps, with a long tradition of Dutch craftsmanship and
proven reliability will continue to be engineered, designed and produced in The
Netherlands. We are proud to carry on the tradition of manufacturing this high
quality pump with it’s track record reaching back as far as 1964.

K pump

Roodhart type K Non Metallic Pumps – Design Features

Maximum CapacityUp to 200 M³
Maximum Head Up to 70 m.
Up to 70 m.
Power Supply3 phase 50 / 60 Hz.
Material Design PVDF W34
Glassreinforced epoxy resin Y10
Pump SizesDischarge sizes from DN 32 to DN 150
ApplicationsPetrochemical Chemical
Pharmaceutical Power Generation
Water treatmentFood Processing
Marine / seawater