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Roodhart S1 Heavy Duty Process Pumps ( ANSI / Metric )

New in the Roodhart Group product range is the S1 process pump. This specific pump
design is well known for many years as Chesterton System 1 pump
S1 pumps are designed specifically to operate in severe applications and extreme
environments and is also called the ‘Industry Standard for Reliability’. The S1 design offers you
exclusive design features such as a strong, vibration resistant design, low deflection and heavy
duty shaft design, heavy duty bearings for greater load capacity and extend bearing life and
Patented S1 Labyrinth seals which provide non-wearing lifetime for protection for radial and
thrust bearings.

S1    S1
The S1 product line consists of many different pump configurations:

Frame S & SDMid Size frame strength for general industry.
Frame A/LD17Heavy duty process pump designed according
ANSI specifications.
Frame M
Engineered reliability for the most demanding
Magnum Pumps
Engineered for the toughest applications for
abrasive and corrosivity.
Design to handle entrained solids without
Power Ends
Power end conversions available for popular
pump models.

Roodhart Blackmer System 1 Process Pumps – Design Features

Maximum Capacity Up to 1100 M³
Maximum HeadUp to 140 m.
Power Supply3 phase 50 / 60 Hz.
Material Design All Ductile IronAll Monel
All Stainless 316All Hastelloy
All Alloy 20All CD4M
Pump Sizes Discharge sizes from 1″ up to 8″
Applications Petrochemical Pulp & Paper
Oil & GasChemical
Water treatment Food Processing
Power GenerationGeneral Industry