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SIMS Chemical, ANSI Pump

SIMS Horizontal Chemical, Marine, or Industrial Pumps – ANSI Standard

SIMS Chemical ANSI Style Pumps and Wet Ends are machined from several different grades of SIMSITE®, depending on the solution that is being pumped.  SIMS offers phenolic, epoxy, and polyimide hybrid resin systems with several different multi-directional continuously interwoven fiber reinforcing systems.  The casing Volutes are completely machined on the inside as well as the outside eliminating casting defects, internal voids, cracks, and “weak spots.”  All of our pumps are computer designed, engineered, and machined allowing for increased performance and high efficiency.  These pumps are lightweight with superior strength and reliability.  Since these pumps are machined, they can be adapted for any piping system.  All SIMS pumps and wet ends are unique in that they are engineered and designed for the customer’s specific operational requirements, which makes all SIMS Pumps more efficient, and enables them to outlast and outperform other pumps.