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SIMS Marine & Industrial Pumps

SIMS Close Coupled Horizontal Pumps for Marine or Industrial Applications

Inspired by Corrosion problems from pumping Salt Water and Chemicals, SIMS Pump Company has developed a line of SIMSITE® Structural Composite Engineered Pumps, which NEVER corrode in Salt Water, Waste Water, or Chlorinated Water, and are corrosion resistant to most acid and alkaline solutions. These pumps are 100% machined, on the inside as well as the outside, from solid blocks of SIMSITE® a patented structural graphite composite with multidirectional continuously interwoven fibers. These pumps are NAVY shock and vibration qualified! SIMS Pumps are approved by Lloyds, ABS and many other certifications. This unique manufacturing process eliminates casting defects, rough surfaces, internal voids & cracks, expensive patterns, and balance problems. Alignment issues, corrosion, erosion, and cavitation problems are all eliminated, which reduces turbulence and increases efficiency, performance and longevity. SIMSITE®Pumps are far Superior to metallic pumps and only 15% the weight!
SIMSITE® Pumps and Impellers are custom engineered for high efficiency. Because the products are completely machined from solid blocks of structural composite, state-of-the-art CAD/CAM/FEA/CFD analysis and techniques are used to maximize performance, efficiency, longevity, and ease of use by maintenance personnel.
Because SIMS Pumpsare constructed utilizing Simsiteâ Patented Structural Graphite Engineered Composite materials, they have excellent mechanical and physical properties, wear characteristics, and unsurpassed corrosion and electrolysis resistance.  Simsiteâ Pump Casings, Base Plates, and Pump Parts are custom engineered for high efficiency and unlike metallic components, will not corrode or deteriorate in a salt-water environment.  Combined with our “heavy duty” marine service, sealed bearing motors, the SIMS pumping systems will provide years of maintenance free service.