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SIMS Marine Vertical Pump

SIMS Vertical Marine Pump – Compact, Light Weight, and NEVER Corrodes in Salt Water, Waste Water or Chlorinated water.

The SIMS Vertical Marine Pump is a Compact, Light Weight, Corrosion Free, and High Efficiency pump that NEVER CORRODES in salt water, waste water, or chlorinated water. This unique pump is maintenance free, because it is 100% machined on the outside as well as the inside from our Patented SIMSITE® Structural Engineered Composite material.

SIMS Marine Vertical Pumps are close coupled eliminating the need for couplings, coupling guards, and additional bearings.  This design eliminates any possible misalignment, which is always a problem with coupled pumps. SIMS Marine Pumps incorporate SIMSITE® Impellers, Casings, Casing Rings, Mechanical Seals, Sleeves, Bushings, Backplates, and Frame Adaptors with an easy back “pull-out” design, for ease of disassembly and assembly. The SIMS pump is disassembled by lifting the motor, frame adaptor, backplate and rotating element together as one unit. SIMSITE® Impellers are mechanically and hydraulically balanced reducing axial and radial thrust in the pump.  Because these unique SIMSITE® Impellers are balanced, and remain balanced for the life of the pump, vibration is greatly reduced and the longevity of the entire pump is substantially increased.