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SIMS Navy Standard, Shock Qualified Pumps

Inspired by NAVSEA directives for innovative technology and MACHALT 536, SIMS Pump Company continues to be the leader in the composite industry; producing the first “production ready” SIMS Navy Standard Shock and Vibration qualified Composite Pumps. Machined entirely from SIMSITE® Structural Engineered Composite material on 5 to 8 axis CNC machinery, SIMS Navy Standard Composite Pumps are lighter in weight, precision balanced and remain perfectly balanced, and most importantly, theyNEVER Corrode and are built to last!  Improved reliability and reduced maintenance results in an excellent Return on Investment (ROI) and an estimated savings of Millions of Dollars ($$) annually when implemented Fleet-wide.
 All of the SIMS Navy Standard Pumps come standard with SIMSITE® Cartridge Style Mechanical Seals.  These superior seals incorporate SIMSITE® Glands and Sleeves which never corrode and protect the shaft and pump casing from electrolysis, corrosion, erosion, and excessive wear.  The seals come standard with silicon carbide vs. silicon carbide graphite loaded faces and hastalloy C springs, which are isolated from the fluid.