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SIMS Series 6000

Designed by SIMS to be a “drop-in” replacement for Vertical-In-Line pumps, the SIMS Series 6000 Pump is virtually maintenance free with permanently lubricated sealed bearings and the flexibility for installation as Vertical-In-Line, Vertical Offset, or Vertical Suction configurations. These pumps incorporate SIMSITE® Volute Casings, Casing Rings, Guide Bearings, and Frame Adaptors with an easy back “pull-out” design for ease of disassembly and assembly. The pump is disassembled by lifting the motor, frame adaptor, and rotating element together as one unit.
All SIMS Vertical-In-Line Pumps are 100% precision machined on the outside as well as the inside from solid blocks SIMSITE®Structural Graphite Composite using state-of-the-art engineering programs to maximize performance while minimizing down time.
Featuring:  SIMSITE® Structural Composite Pump Assembly, Closed Coupled, Sealed Bearing, Heavy Duty Marine TEFC Motor w/ 316SS Shaft, and a SIMSITE® Mechanical Seal Type