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SIMS Specialty Pump

SIMS manufactures pumps to specific performance conditions for many different types of applications and designs.  Since all SIMS pumps are completely machined on the outside as well as the inside from solid blocks of structural composite, SIMS can engineer and design a pump for a Customer’s specific operational needs.  No longer does a Customer have to accept a standard pump that most closely fits their operational needs.  The Customer can have SIMS design and build a pump specifically for their operation. where the Best Efficiency Point is the actual Operating Point.
 The above laundry pump was designed, engineered, manufactured, assembled and tested by SIMS for the US Navy in less than (4) weeks!  When a pump is designed for a specific application, the operating point becomes the best efficiency point of the pump.  Therefore, the pump is not subject to high radial loading, and/or suction or discharge recirculation cavitation.  The result is that the pump lasts much longer and costs substantially less to operate.
 This SIMS 14-Stage Down-Hole Pump seen to the right is a pump engineered by SIMS specifically for a Bromine Chemical application.  This pump lasted three times longer than any metal pump.  Additionally, this pump operates with a much higher efficiency than a metallic pump.