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SIMS Vertical Pit Pump

SIMS Vertical Pit Pumps are designed for versatility and longevity.  The Pump Casing, Guide Bearings, Spider Bearings, Sleeves, Bushings, Column Pipe, Discharge Pipe, Base Plate, Motor Pedestal and Strainer are all manufactured from SIMSITE®, a structural graphite composite engineered specifically for these vertical pit applications. 

These SIMSITE® Vertical Pit Pumps are corrosion, erosion and chemical resistant.  SIMS Pumps are impervious to salt water, waste water, river water, and chlorinated water corrosion.  SIMS Vertical Pumps, like SIMS Chemical Pumps can withstand a wide range of pH, and therefore make excellent chemical waste treatment, or environmental pumps.  These pumps will not corrode, clog, or foul from marine growth like metallic pumps.  SIMS Pumps are not affected by chlorine and are excellent for pumping in chlorinated water, or water treatment applications.

SIMS Vertical Pit Pumps have SIMSITE® Guide Bearings in these pumps, which can take dry running at start up and will not melt, deform, seize like bronze, rubber, or thermoplastic bearings.  The SIMSITE® Guide Bearings are placed at strategic intervals along the shaft to reduce shaft deflection and increase the pump and guide bearing longevity.