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Simsite Sleeves



There is no reason to use metallic shaft sleeves when you can use SIMSITE® Structural Composite Sleeves, which not only protect the shaft, but they are light weight, and seal better against the O-rings of the mechanical seals.

Simsite® Engineered Structural Composite Sleeves, will not corrodein salt water, waste water, or chlorinated water and are excellent with most acid and alkaline solutions.  All grades of SIMSITE® Sleeves have self-lubricatingqualities, which allow for tighter clearances and prevents excessive shaft movement.

Simsite® manufactures sleeves machined from our engineered SIMSITE® Structural Graphite Composite material made of graphite fibers continuously interwoven in a tri-dimensional weave with a hybrid epoxy/phenolic resin system.

SIMS also offers several other grades of engineered structural composite sleeves. The SIMSITE® sleeve seen in the picture to the left utilizes a continuously interwoven synthetic fiber reinforcement system with Molybdenum Disulfide as a lubricant.

All of our engineered sleeves are 100 percent machined from solid blocks of SIMSITE® structural composite, and are capable of continuous operation at over 300 degrees Fahrenheit. All grades of SIMSITE® possess excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance.

333_1 Sleeve Simsite1          333_1_1 Sleeve Simsite           444_2 Sleeve Simsite


*    Corrosion Resistant
*    Exceptional Mechanical Strength
*    A Simsite® Sleeve with a graphite fiber reinforcement system with loose graphite as a lubricant.
*    Eliminates Electrolysis
*    Light Weight
*    Protects the Shaft
*    Holds the Shaft More Securely
*    Increases Operating Lifetime
*    Seals Better against the Mechanical Seal
*    Can Take Dry Starts
*    Wears Better Against Guide Bearings 

 Contrary to metal sleeves, SIMSITE® Composite Sleeves allow for easy installation and removal. They are protective of the shaft against corrosion, electrolysis and wear.

Set screws, threads, or a keyway can be installed into SIMSITE® Composite Sleeves to prevent them from moving on the shaft. Compatibility with a wide range of chemicals allows for the use of SIMSITE® Composite Sleeves in a vast variety of environments. The structural integrity of our sleeves allows for usage with multiple grades of o-rings. All SIMSITE® Composite Sleeves are precision-machined on CNC lathes to meet the most stringent specifications.


SMS – 375  …… High Strength Graphite Sleeve
SMS – 300 ……  Standard Grade Graphite Sleeve
SMS – 380 ……  Higher Temperature Synthetic Fiber Sleeve