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Roodhart VS4

The Roodhart V4 pumps are used for pumping chemically corrosive fluids with and without solid particles in chemical process and petrochemical applications. Pumps are designed with single stage impeller and single suction casing including discharge column pipe installed on mounting plate. The shaft is designed as a heavy duty single piece.

For deep sumps, reservoirs, tanks, the pump is designed with extended shaft including intermediate bearings for shaft support. As a standard, bearing housing is located above the mounting plate. Optional design with bearing housing be-low mounting plate is available. The impeller and casing selection is dependent on the respective medium and operating conditions.

To suit the wide range of applications, the following types of impeller are available:

  • Enclosed radial impeller for clean to slightly contaminated liquids
  • Semi-open impeller for liquids containing solids
  • Opened impeller for slurries and liquids with a high gas content
  • Disc impeller for liquids with solids mixtures and small capacities
  • Non-block impeller for liquids containing solids and long fibers
  • Option: Zone 0 design




API - Roodhart V4 Series - Design Features

Maximum CapacityUp to 3000 m3/h
Maximum HeadUp to 280 m
Maximum TemperatureUp to 300˚C
Power Supply
Material DesignAll material suitable for pumping chemical aggressive liquids in various con-centration to API applications are available.
Pump Size
ApplicationsChemical process Corrosive fluids transport
Petrochemical plants Tank unloading
Industrial process Food and beverage industry
AdvantagesLow maintenance costsLow operation costs
Ease of installation