Since 2011, Roodhart is ATEX / IECEX 03 certified for maintenance and repair of Ex-certified mechanical equipment. This made Roodhart the first ATEX / IECEX 03 certified workshop in the Netherlands.

What does this mean?

ATEX zones occur in particular in the area of ​​flammable liquids, vapors, gases or flammable dust in quantities sufficient to cause a fire or explosion. In these zones the use of Ex equipment is necessary to guarantee safety. During the certification audit, our workplace was assessed by a notified body on the competence of staff and workplace. In addition, internal and external audits ensure compliance with the IECEx-03 standard in practice. These audits are carried out every year so that the quality and competencies associated with this certification remain guaranteed. By obtaining this certification, the Roodhart workplace is a Certified Service Facility according to the IECEx-03 standard. This means that all types of rotating equipment (mechanical, independent of manufacturer) are maintained, overhauled and / or repaired in accordance with strict rules and in a safe manner. In addition, the certificate is also valid for working with customers onsite. The equipment overhauled under IECEX 03 certification fully complies with the factory specifications and has been returned to its original condition with original parts. Safe operation is thus guaranteed.