Roodhart’s highly skilled engineers are driven to achieve excellence in every aspect of their work. Through precision and persistence they will always try to obtain the best possible results regarding any challenge they are faced with, offering you professional and highly reliable supportive services.


Failure, it always comes at the wrong time. An analysis of the cause and rapid replacement of parts, that’s what it’s all about. The specialists at Roodhart understand the urgency and know the tricks of the trade. Expert mobile teams are available 24/7 to take action. On location to assess the situation and in many cases to carry out the necessary repairs on site. Larger repairs can be done in modern Roodhart workshops in Rotterdam. Roodhart’s team is doing it anyway!

Installation & Commissioning

The purchase of a quality pump or other rotating equipment offers no guarantee that the intended return will be achieved. To get the process working, more is needed. A professional installation, a well-thought-out test program and a start-up protocol are just as important. Monitoring performance after the start-up phase is important in order to be able to make adjustments and to achieve return objectives. Roodhart’s experts are at your service in all phases. We also install pumps and rotating equipment supplied by third parties.


Rotating equipment requires maintenance. Regular inspections and maintenance are essential to guarantee optimum and safe operation. Regular maintenance prevents downtime and reduces the chance of costly repairs. Roodhart specializes in maintenance programs for pumps and rotating equipment. Our specialists test the condition of equipment and report on possible additional maintenance and repairs.

Diagnostics and Advice

Roodhart always goes for the fastest and most effective solution. Prior research is essential. Our specialists analyze the causes of malfunctions and outages. They perform reliability studies, make diagnoses of the maintenance condition and the expected service life of your equipment. By keeping track of your equipment’s life cycle with the help of periodic vibration measurements, inspection and lubrication rounds, Roodhart will always provide you with sound advice on how to keep your rotating equipment in the best possible running condition. At Roodhart everything is focused on continuity and reliability.


Proper and responsible use of pumps and other rotating equipment contributes to reliability and service life. In our customized training courses we instruct your operators and engineers. We provide them with valuable information and practical tips for sustainable use and maintenance. We share our knowledge with a view to the continuity and optimum return of your installations.