Mechanical seals

For the vast majority of pump applications, the mechanical seal is often the most critical component and its proper functioning can significantly impact the life of your rotating equipment. By offering Genuine and OEM replacement seals and A-class repair services, Roodhart always has the required solutions available to keep your rotating equipment in the best possible working condition.

At Roodhart Marine & Offshore Services, we have a state-of-the-art refurbishment facility at our disposal and a team of skilled engineering experts with more than 38 years of experience,  specialized in maintenance, repair and overhaul of mechanical seals.

We can supply many spares and upgrade parts for your existing mechanical seals under more favourable conditions than the original equipment manufacturer.

This general advantage is based on the fact that we are not tied to any brand/maker specific, which allows us to roam the market and negotiate competitive prices for the highest quality materials.

Furthermore, our application engineers are specialized in creating customized solutions, and we will be happy to provide advice on upgrades to extend the life of your existing rotating equipment.

 As mentioned Roodhart Marine & Offshore Services offers a comprehensive range of new, high-quality mechanical seals. We have over 10,000 mechanical seals available from stock, guaranteeing short and reliable delivery times.     

Our mechanical seal

Basic mechanical seals

Standard mechanical seals according DIN24960
Shaft sizes 20 mm. – 300 mm.
Maximum working pressure 75 bar

Bellow mechanical seals

Mechanical seals for high temperatures up to 420 °C.
Shaft sizes  20 mm. -100 mm.
Maximum working pressure 20 bar

Cartridge seals

Mechanical seals for high temperatures up to 250 °C.
Shaft sizes 20 mm. – 100 mm.
Maximum working pressure 25 bar

API 682 Mechanical seals

Mechanical seals for high temperatures up to 260 °C.
Shaft sizes 20 mm. – 110 mm. – larger on request
Maximum working pressure 35 bar

API 682 compliant


If you’re interested in any kind of replacement or repair solution we might be able to help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact us via [email protected]   and we’ll make sure to tend to your every need.