Engineered products

In addition to our extensive range of pumps and pump installations, we also have an ‘engineered products’ department. In those cases where your application requires more than a standard solution. Our ‘engineered products’ are tailor-made, tailored to your wishes in the version that is best for your application. These types of applications are usually centrifugal pumps that, due to their capacity and / or pressure, do not fall within the standard range of a manufacturer. We have extensive experience in supplying and installing vertical centrifugal pumps which are used by industrial customers as, for example, a cooling water supply or fire pump. We deliver these types of projects from your first request to an optimally performing installation. Vertical turbine pumps Our possibilities in the field of vertical turbine pumps are not endless, but nevertheless very extensive. We supply pumps with a maximum capacity of 55,000 m³ per hour and delivery heights up to 240 meters. These pumps are assembled in our own workshop in Rotterdam. We can also take care of the drive of these pumps, whether this is done electrically or by means of a diesel engine with an angle transmission. Our vertical turbine pumps are a highly efficient and reliable pump solution, suitable for a wide variety of liquids and applications. We have different versions available for a wide variety of capacity, delivery heights and materials. The hydraulic single or multi-stage design includes a suction bell, closed or open mixed-flow impellers, column tubes with integrated line shafts and a press connection that can be placed above or below the foundation level.