About us

Roodhart Group

We are an unique company. We have been located in Rotterdam from the start, with customers throughout Europe and far beyond. Specialized in a specific branch of sport: pump systems and mechanical seals for industry and shipping. We are a service organization down to the deepest fiber. Pump systems are one of the critical business processes of our customers. Failures and failure of the systems often mean that the entire company is affected. In the worst case, everything stops. We know this vulnerability and feel the urgency. Only one answer is possible. Direct action: our Rotterdam roots come in handy. No words but deeds. Roll up your sleeves and get started. No question is too crazy, no solution cannot be found. Either way, we fix it. We know what we are talking about and know the activities of our customers. We value a good personal relationship and customization. Clients expect quality and a reliable partner who is honest and accountable for his actions. That is exactly what we stand for. The Roodhart Group started in 1982. With twenty enthusiastic employees at the Heijplaat in Rotterdam, we were mainly active in the offshore and maritime industry until the early 1990s. Now working from a modern location on the Waalhaven in the Europoort, amidst the industrial areas Maasvlakte, Botlek and the Moerdijk. The approximately 70 employees, professionals and specialists, now work daily for companies in the oil, gas and hydrocarbon processing industry, power plants and water purification and supply organizations. But also for the food industry, metal and fertilizer production and companies that work with pulp and paper mills. Today, the Roodhart Group consists of two specialized companies: Roodhart Services B.V. and Roodhart Marine Services B.V. At our location on the Waalhaven we have our own workshops, modern test facilities and an advanced laboratory for mechanical seals.

Continuity, that’s what your company is all about.

Technology must work, planned deadlines must be met. Downtime must be prevented. That may seem simple, but it is not. Everything has to be right. From the purchase of reliable pumps and installations, to structural maintenance, professional repair or overhaul and fast on-site service. You are looking for a professional partner who takes care of that. Who has the expertise, the people and the resources in house. So you can focus on the continuity of your “core business”. Roodhart Group is a supplier, service organization and partner in one.

We analyze, advise and realize.

Guarantee all conceivable services in the field of “mechanical seals” and “rotating equipment”. We supply quality pumps, installations and parts. We have our own workshops and test facilities, have flexible 24/7 service teams ready and provide certified maintenance programs. Your question is leading, our answer is always effective. We are your partner with clear Rotterdam DNA: professional and personal, roll up your sleeves and “go”. For us, a deal is a deal. Very clear.

“We fix it,” that is the motto of the professionals at Roodhart.

Finding a solution that suits your wishes and requirements. We do this just as well in urgent situations as in planned projects. As a supplier of many top brands, we are happy to advise you on the choice that is best for you. We map out what is needed, when and where. We research, analyze and advise. Your own account manager makes a concrete proposal about possible replacement, repair or overhaul. If necessary, he will draw up a preventive maintenance program. If you have made the choice, we will take care of the implementation within the agreed time. A clear project approach forms the basis.

Our service is aimed at keeping your machines working from planned stop to planned stop.

We take care of the installation and the necessary practical tests and if necessary for the dismantling of the existing equipment. Preventive maintenance is essential in order not to disrupt the progress of your production process. And if something breaks down, you can count on the Roodhart mobile service teams that are available 24/7. Faults and failures must be resolved as soon as possible. Continuity of your activities is what we are all about. The return on your machinery is paramount, both operationally and financially.