Xylem Lowara

Xylem Lowara borehole pumps – 4″ – 12″

Complete range submersible borehole pumps for 4" - 12" wells, in SS 304, 316 and duplex

Xylem Lowara e-HM

Energy efficient stainless steel multistage pumps

Xylem Lowara e-LNE

Lowara e-LNE inline circulation for building / HVAC applications

Xylem Lowara e-MP

Lowara E-MP - reliable and efficient multistage for all high pressure applications

Xylem Lowara e-NSC

Lowara e-NSC - the right choice for all general water and industrial applications

Xylem Lowara e-SH

Efficiëntie en flexibiliteit maken dat de e-SH serie de juiste blokpompen zijn voor het transport van water in de agrarische sector en een groot aantal industriële toepassingen.

Xylem Lowara e-SV

The Lowara e-SV vertical multistage pump is a highly reliable and technologically advanced multipurpose pump

Xylem Lowara Ecocirc

Inline pumps for HVAC systems with unlimited performance

Xylem Lowara GEM – FiFi units

Lowara GEM brandblus FiFi units according EN12845

Xylem Lowara GHV boosters

Lowara GHV booster units with 2, 3 and 4 pumps

Xylem Lowara LSN

Industrial chemical pumps according ISO 2858 / 5199

Xylem Lowara submersible pumps

Complete range submersible pumps for (waste)water

Xylem Vogel LS / LC

Extended range ISO 5199 high performance process pumps