Xylem Lowara e-MP

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Product features

Easy integration

The e-MP is easy to integrate and very cost effective in almost any high pressure application. This is thanks to its flexible mechanical configuration and the first impeller on the suction side, which has been completely redesigned. It has extremely high suction power to meet the requirements of hot water and condensate applications.

The safety of your people is paramount. Protect your people and ensure the continuous operation of your installation with the e-MP. The e-MP has built-in protections, such as a self-cleaning sealing chamber for contaminated liquids. In addition, you can monitor and monitor safety by connecting the pump to the Xylem Hydrovar or other intelligent system.

Energy saving
Do your bit for a better environment. The e-MP’s highly efficient hydraulics are optimized by flow calculations and U-bend channels, ensuring ideal flow of the pumped liquid in each stage. This reduces both life cycle costs and energy demand, giving the pump MEI values ​​above international requirements.

Plannable service
Plan and ensure continuous operation of your installation with the help of optional sensor interfaces of the e-MP. Pressure, temperature and vibration sensors can be installed on these mechanical interfaces. By connecting them to an intelligent monitoring system, you can set up a preventive maintenance schedule for the pump yourself.

Less wear
Ensure continuous operation and reduce maintenance and operating costs with a range of smart design features and materials that extend the life of the e-MP and its components. For example, the newly designed suction side slide bearings are made of tungsten carbide and are elastically supported to absorb extreme vibrations and shocks. The balanced seal holder reduces the axial forces of the bearings and the load on the mechanical seal. The final result is a more efficient, effective operation.

Easy maintenance
No unwanted costs and little maintenance? The Lowara e-MP is easy to maintain thanks to its smart, simple and modular design. The drive-side bearing, the mechanical seal and the balanced seal holder are all easily accessible without removing the pump from the piping system. Due to the modular construction of the e-MP, the number of parts required to cover the entire work area is minimized, which simplifies the assembly and management of parts.

Product specs

Flowrate850 m3/hr
Head950 m
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