Roodhart workshops

Your rotating equipment does not have eternal life. Structured maintenance and repairs are essential to minimize breakdowns and downtime and to maximize returns. With a timely and professional revision, the service life is extended and the reliability is maintained. Within Roodhart we have all knowledge of rotating equipment, vibration measurements, balancing, laser alignment and all other common activities on your machines. The work is carried out by our experienced and highly trained technicians, who can carry out their work in a well-equipped and modern workshop.

Our workshops consist of:

  • 900 m² workshop with various workbenches
  • 950 m² workshop for large pumps
  • 900 m² workshop and set-up for the hydraulic test set-up
  • 900 m² workshop and production for our Roodhart K centrifugal pump
  • 200 m² laboratory and workshop for mechanical seals