Continuity, that’s what your company is all about. Technology must work, planned deadlines must be met. Downtime must be prevented. That may seem simple, but it is not. Everything has to be right. From the purchase of reliable pumps and installations, to structural maintenance, professional repair or overhaul and fast on-site service. You are looking for a professional partner who takes care of that. Who has the expertise, the people and the resources in house. So you can focus on the continuity of your “core business”.

Roodhart Group is a supplier, service organization and partner in one. Roodhart has developed strongly in recent years, particularly in the field of new delivery of pumps, components and drives. In addition to a solid service-oriented organization, we are also your partner for supplying an extensive package of new products. Thanks to our relationships with renowned manufacturers, we can usually provide you with a suitable offer quickly at a competitive price.