Machine condition overview

The Machine Condition Overview (M.C.O.) is a specially developed analysis program for monitoring events. The database is built from various inspections, repairs and modifications to equipment. This gives our customers the opportunity to monitor repetitive failures and repairs of equipment. By documenting various events, there is a possibility to implement root cause analysis (RCA). The M.C.O. is a tool for both management, planning, and technicians. The purpose of vibration monitoring is to improve the reliability and availability of equipment within the production process, resulting in a reduction of maintenance costs and production down-time. In order to monitor all measurement results, analyzes and work performed, the M.C.O is used. All measurements taken are recorded here and all analyzes / repair recommendations are stored, just like all work performed. First of all, a set-up is made in which alarm values ​​are set for each machine. The machines are then measured and analyzed for the first time. This first measurement concerns the baseline (first reference). The machines are periodically monitored from this reference. Vibration levels are compared with the baseline measurement and monitored for a longer period. If alarm values ​​are exceeded or if significant changes are observed during the analysis of the measured vibration data, we will issue an advice report with correction and / or repair recommendations. By periodically monitoring machine conditions, we create the possibility to identify problems at an early stage. By avoiding major damage, even the failure of a machine can be prevented. Scheduled maintenance can be carried out when only relatively minor corrections / repairs are needed.

Periodic inspections:

Vibration measurements
Portable flow measurements
On-site performance testing
Infrared inspections