Blackmer System 1

When it comes to demanding applications of wastewater and industrial processes, the preference is for a pump that is as robust as possible. The Blackmer System 1 centrifugal pump is designed with this premise. This pump is extremely versatile in many applications and used smooth, cost-effective operation with trouble-free maintenance. The Blackmer System 1 series consists of five different types.

  • Efficient and low-maintenance range of innovative process pumps.
  • Specially designed for the toughest, most extreme applications.
  • Lowest shaft stiffness ratio (L3 / D4) in the process industry.
  • Designed around the mechanical seal and bearings, where 90% of failures occur.
  • Designed to maximize system reliability – stronger, vibration-resistant pump.
  • System One® Labyrinth seals provide durable lifetime protection for radial and axial bearings.
  • Provides the widest range of application from BEP compared to any other centrifugal pump.


Blackmer System 1 – Frame S

  • Medium frame strength and reliability in small frame areas.
  • Heavy-duty alternative to standard small-frame pumps.
  • Lowest L3 / D4 stiffness ratio of any competitive size pump – 46 (1.9) Frame S.
  • Meets ASME / ANSI sizing specifications.
  • Frame SD is the DIN / ISO version (dimensions according to ISO 5199).
  • Flowrates up to 102 m³ / hour


Blackmer System 1 – Frame A/LD17 / IPP

  • Maintenance-free, durable, most valuable process pump.
  • Most stable shaft in the industry.
  • Lowest L3 / D4 stiffness ratio of any pump with competitive dimensions – 17 (.65) Frame LD17.
  • Dramatically reduces bearing, sealing and shaft errors.
  • Frame A meets ASME / ANSI sizing specifications.
  • LD17 configuration available for heavy duty applications.
  • Available in metric dimensions (type IPP).
  • Flowrates up to 320 m³ / hour


Blackmer System 1 – Vortex

  • The System 1 Vortex pump provides the strength and reliability of System One® to handle entrained solids without clogging.
  • Available in the LD17 and IPP metric configurations.
  • Flowrates up to 340 m³ / hour.
  • Frame A and LD17 pump with vortex housing and impeller, specially designed for difficult pumping situations: Sludge and slurries with large solids. Liquids with fibrous or fibrous materials. Minimal shear of products.
  • ASME / ANSI & IPP Metric flanges available.
  • Ideally suited for: • Waste processing • Food and chemical processing • Agriculture


Blackmer System 1 – Conversion kits for all common centrifugal pumps

  • Upgrade existing pumps to System One® heavy-duty design.
  • Power-end with low stiffness ratio for maximum reliability.
  • Immediate replacements available for popular models.


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