Roodhart Timeline

We are a unique company. We have been based in Rotterdam since 1982, with customers all over Europe and far beyond. Specialized in a specific branch of sport: pump systems, rotating equipment and mechanical seals for industry and shipping. We are a service organization down to the deepest fiber. We still take immediate action. Other things have changed since 1982, this timeline summarizes the highlights.


  • Start Roodhart Emission Control B.V.

    1982 is the year in which Roodhart Emission Control is started. In the early days, the emphasis is on overhauling and supplying mechanical seals. The package of services is gradually expanded, so that Roodhart grows into a total supplier in the field of rotating equipment.

  • Relocation to Heijplaat

    In 1994 Roodhart moved into the (nowadays) former RDM site at Heijplaat.

  • Distributor Unique Polymer Systems

    In 1994 Roodhart becomes the Benelux distributor of Unique Polymer Systems, a manufacturer of high quality coating systems.

  • Distributor Flex a Seal

    In 1996 Roodhart becomes the Flex a Seal distributor.

  • Start of Roodhart Marine & Offshore Services

    Since 2001, customers in the maritime sector have been served by Roodhart Marine & Offshore Services. This department specializes in products and services based on this sector.

  • Distributor Griswold / PSG Dover

     In 2004 Roodhart becomes the official distributor in Europe for Griswold pumps.

  • Relocation to Waalhaven

    Because of growth of the organisation, Roodhart moved to a new location in the Waalhaven in Rotterdam in 2008. With a spectacularly larger surface area and good accessibility, this location is very suitable for continuing the service-oriented service.

  • Introduction Roodhart K pumps

    In 2009 Roodhart continued production of the legendary Begemann K pump. The first plastic centrifugal pump, especially for the (petro) chemical industry.

  • Achilles certification

    Roodhart is certified by Achilles in 2010.

  • ATEX certification Roodhart

    Roodhart has been IECEX-03 certified since 2011 and is therefore authorized to carry out repairs on mechanical, ATEX certified machines.

  • Benelux distributor Garbarino pumps

    Since 2013, Roodhart is the official factory representative for the Benelux of Pompe Garbarino from Italy.

  • Opening of the Roodhart test facility

    Our location is ideal for testing both new and remanufactured pumps for their performance.

  • Start Side Entry Mixer service department

    In 2015, Roodhart started a department specialized in the maintenance of side entry mixers.

  • Establishment of Roodhart Turbomachinery

    Due to increasing market demand for specialized Turbomachinery maintenance, Roodhart Turbomachinery was founded in 2019.