Hydraulic performance tests

Testing pumps and mixers after repair, overhaul or modification is of great importance. Before they can fully participate again, it must be clear whether they meet all requirements and can deliver the intended performance. Roodhart has extensive facilities for dynamic and static testing. We also perform performance tests when purchasing new pump installations. We do this for installations supplied by us as well as external customers. We are also the preferred partner for maritime customers when a certificate must be issued by an external inspection body. We have designed our hydraulic test facility for all types of pumps and in accordance with ISO 9906. The maximum flow we can test is 10,000 m³ per hour, the maximum pressure during the test is 250 bar. Our test facility consists of four different test lines:

– 2 “900 # pipe for 0 – 50 m³ / hour
– 4 “900 # pipe for 0 – 350 m³ / hour
– 8 “900 # pipe for 200 – 1,000 m³ / hour
– 14 “900 # pipe for 1,000 – 10,000 m³ / hour