Independent supplier of quality pumps

Roodhart is a specialist in supplying quality pumps. All of them efficient in use and costs, and effective in achieving a high return. Our partners and suppliers and their products are selected for proven high quality, reliability and durability. Our consultants support you in making the right choice from the wide range of the best suppliers. The delivery of new equipment can also be the start of a complete project. From advice and purchasing to the commissioning and training of your own engineers and operators. If necessary, we dismantle your existing equipment and ensure that it is disposed of. In many cases, our specialists are responsible for the installation and for testing and supervising commissioning. Roodhart is always flexible in providing the service that is needed. Roodhart supplies companies and organizations in various sectors. To companies in the oil, gas and hydrocarbon processing industry, to power stations and organizations in water purification and supply. But also to the food industry, metal and fertilizer production and companies that work with pulp and paper mills. All our products comply with the applicable international standards such as API, ANSI and Hydraulic Institute Standards.

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