Onafhankelijk all-round dienstverlener voor turbomachinery services

Roodhart Turbomachinery

Due to increasing market demand for the possibilities of specialized overhauls and maintenance of turbines and compressors, Roodhart Turbomachinery Service started in 2018. After proving to be a competent partner in the industry with large turnarounds as main contractor, it was decided to start up a specialized service department with a focus on turbomachinery. As an independent service provider in the field of overhauls of turbo compressors, steam and gas turbines, as well as gearboxes, we can supply qualified personnel for the complete (on-site) overhaul of all your rotating equipment. All works are carried out in close collaboration with the OEMs of the said equipment. All our employees, whether field service, workshop and back office, are extensively trained, either in the field or by the OEM. Roodhart’s strength lies in the flexibility, response time, accuracy and quality that the Roodhart Group is known for. All quality and safety certification is met, for example our field service personnel are certified to work on oxygen compressors and related equipment, where cleanliness is of great importance to ensure safe start-up after work and the future operation of the machines.