Pump spare parts

A well-functioning pump is crucial for your business operations. However, sooner or later each pump will require maintenance, with or without critical parts to be replaced. Roodhart naturally overhauls your pump with original spare parts from the pump manufacturer. You can also contact us if you are looking for specific parts for (one of) your pumps. Thanks to our years of experience and close contacts with many manufacturers, we can always make you an interesting proposal.

In addition, if you wish, we also know the way in the field of suppliers who supply replacement parts for the original. This option can also be interesting in case of long delivery times. Is your pump already old, but has the manufacturer stopped supplying parts? In many cases we are able to provide you with new parts that we can make in-house. These fully comply with the dimensions and material specifications as supplied by the manufacturer at the time. We are happy to assist you, whether it concerns gaskets, a new pump housing or a set of bearings.

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