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Product features

The Lowara (Vogel, both Xylem) LSN is a chemical standard pump equipped with a single closed impeller in accordance with standard ISO 2858 / ISO 5199, fitted with an oil or grease-lubricated bearing bracket. The pump has been developed according to the process design and is equipped with a back pull out unit where the pump housing remains in the pipes during maintenance / repair. The pump is built on a foundation frame and equipped with an IEC motor, spacer coupling and coupling protective cover.

Chemical standard pumps are the most widely used centrifugal pumps for heavy industrial use. The pump is equipped with a back pull-out unit, so that the pipework does not have to be disassembled during maintenance. This pump is available in many versions, such as the choice of material and mechanical seals. Thanks to the standardized dimensions, the pump is easily interchangeable with pumps from other manufacturers.

The Vogel LSN chemical standard pump can be equipped with various mechanical seals. The pump can be fitted with all known Burgmann and John Crane tpyes as standard. This can be single or double acting seals, possibly built in as a cartridge. If you have specific wishes, we can install any type of seal in our workshop.

The bearing bracket is very heavy in order to handle all possible axial and radial forces of the hydraulics and motor. The bearing bracket is oil lubricated and equipped with a cooling jacket for high temperatures. It is also possible to provide the bearing bracket with various vibration analysis options. ATEX The Vogel LSN pumps according to ISO5199 are available with an ATEX certification. Depending on the explosion hazard and the zone in which the pumps are installed, we can inform you about the options for controlling the explosion hazard.

Product specs

FlowrateMaximum 450 m3 / hr
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