Xylem Lowara e-NSC

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Product features

Centrifugal pumps to a higher level
The combination of high efficiency and great flexibility in terms of installation, material options and temperature makes the new Lowara e-NSC series the right choice for the transport of water in central heating and cooling systems, fire protection systems and a wide range of industrial applications.

High efficiency
The newly designed high efficiency hydraulics in combination with IE3 motors amply comply with the ErP2015 regulations and together form the basis for very low operating costs.

Long life and easy maintenance
The robust pump construction, different frame sizes and stainless steel replaceable wear rings ensure a long service life. The e-NSC design is simple, making all service points easily accessible to reduce downtime.

Exactly the right configuration
With material options ranging from cast iron to duplex stainless steel and various mechanical shaft seals, the e-NSC is the right solution for different liquids.

Product specs

Flowrate1800 m3/hr
HeadMaximum 160 m
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