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Product features

Centrifugal pumps with side channel impeller

For drinking water and industrial purposes, for sea water, for automatic booster systems with hydroforank, for the transport of acidic and alkaline liquids, petrol and light oils, for condensate and liquid with vapors, for food and pharmaceutical products.

Design features
BT pumps are self-priming side channel multistage pumps. The impellers are star-shaped and hydraulically balanced to reduce axial pressure on the bearings. Bearings are external, grease lubricated. The pumps have a very low NPSHr value which allows operation with suction lift up to 8 meters. The operating principle makes these pumps particularly suitable for transferring liquid gas / vapor mixtures. The standard version of the BT is equipped with a mechanical seal. It is possible to install double mechanical seals when pumping hot liquids that can solidify, toxic, aggressive and corrosive media. In this case, the seals are flushed externally with a liquid that is compatible with the fluid to be pumped at a slightly higher pressure. Most important features Up to 120 ° C 40 bar, up to 120 ° C 16 bar. Maximum operating temperature with mechanical seal 160 ° C, minimum operating temperature -10 ° C Versions The BT series is supplied in the following materials: cast iron, various types of bronze and stainless steel. Special constructions according to maritime regulations: shockproof, soundproof, vibration-resistant, non-magnetic versions.

Product specs

Flowrate40 m3/h
Head300 meter
Temperature120 °C
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