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Product features

In terms of technology, the powerful MegaCPK for chemical applications convinces with its high output per size and very low energy consumption. At identical operating data and conditions users can select much smaller pump sizes compared with conventional types of standardised chemical pumps. With its improved hydraulic system, MegaCPK nonetheless achieves considerably higher efficiencies.

The pump offers optimised features – like maximum operating reliability, energy efficiency and its flexibility of use in a wide range of applications – which combine to make the new MegaCPK type series unique.

Energy efficiency

Trimming the impeller to match individual customer and plant requirements, and high-efficiency drives contribute to utilising energy optimally. The required operating point can even be achieved with smaller sizes. Using the chemical pump with PumpDrive saves up to 60 % of energy. In addition to this, PumpMeter indicates to users how efficiently the pump is running.

Variant diversity

The new standardised chemical pump is based on a comprehensive modular design system that accommodates for any adaptation to the customers’ needs. It is available in a choice of hydraulic systems, impeller and casing types, shaft seals and in many materials. The extended selection chart offers even more additional sizes.

Operating reliability

The pump is more rigid, generates only minimal axial thrust and offers exemplary hydraulic characteristics. Its low NPSH ensures that the pump runs quietly and smoothly. So MegaCPK stands for high operating reliability – day after day.

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