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Product features

The Sero SRZ series self-priming side channel pumps are designed for high flow, high pressure and high temperature applications. The side channel pump design is suitable for pumping liquids with air and low viscosity liquids without the presence of abrasive particles. The SRZ range of self-priming pumps is available with a standard mechanical seal, double mechanical seal or magnetic coupling for more extreme and high temperatures. Suitable applications for this liquid ring pump include high temperatures, coolants, fuel transfer, LPG, pressure boosting, sea water and boiler supply. Features of the SRZ series liquid ring pump:

  • ATEX certification
  • Suitable for pumping liquids up to 220 ° C
  • Magnetic coupling available
  • Optional cooling / heating of sealing chamber
  • Mechanical seal, bearings, etc. can be changed without removing the pump from the pipework
  • Option of double mechanical seal
  • Open star impellers for high self-priming action and easy pumping of gaseous liquids.
  • Low noise level
  • Liquid-lubricated bearings that guarantee high operational reliability
  • Flexible coupling without spacer sleeve
  • Coupling protection in accordance with EN 294 230V, three-phase 50Hz / 60Hz motors available
  • Optional base plate PN40 flanges for extra safety

Product specs

FlowrateMaximum 36 m3 / hr
Head350 m.
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