Flygt MP – wastewater pumps with grinder

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Vortex or channel impeller pumps for pressure sewage are ideal for transporting domestic solid waste water in residential, commercial and agricultural applications. The Flygt 3000 series of cutting pumps are highly efficient and suitable for processing solids in wastewater. The pumps are sufficient in a small well or a complete pumping station. These pumps are ideally suited for heavy use. Based on a modular design, a wide variety of cutting pumps are available, from 1.7 kW to 7.5 kW. These pumps can be equipped with a flushing valve, which ensures a better distribution of the solid parts in the wastewater. The cutting Flygt M series pumps all have a carbide cutting mechanism, which reduces large solids to a homogeneous slurry, which can easily be pumped through smaller pipework.

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