Product features

The DOC series submersible pumps is a small series of submersible pumps for light applications. The pump is available in a 1-phase and a 3-phase version. The 1-phase pumps are available with or without float. When using 1-phase 230 Volt pumps, in permanently installed installations, we recommend the use of our plug / contra plug with thermal protection. This for optimal security in the event of a jam (contamination in the pump housing). The pump can be used for: pumping out small wells and rainwater tanks pumping leakage and drainage water irrigation of gardens with clean water emergency pump in case of flooding in basements and underground spaces


  • Doc3, 7, 7VX: without float, with ball float or W float (1-phase / VX = Vortex)
  • Doc7T, VXT: no float possible (T = 3-phase / VX = Vortex)



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