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The VS series pumps are used to pump clean or dirty liquids that can contain solids. These pumps are particularly suitable for many industrial processes, such as drainage applications. Thanks to its versatility and material diversification, the VS series can handle and pump a wide range of liquids. The standard versions of the VS series are manufactured with closed impeller and rectangular base plate. However, the flexibility at Garbarino is great and includes various impeller options and base plate shapes. These pumps are adapted to any type and size of tanks, as each model is available in 60 different models and shaft lengths up to 7.5 m.

Most important features
The solid and robust design of the VS series pumps offers many important functions, carefully chosen and calculated, ensuring that these pumps meet the most demanding specifications. Such as an oversized bearing bracket construction with grease lubricated double ball bearing for the standard versions, optionally with cooling on the bearing housing for high temperature fluids. The base plate is rectangular in standard version, optional versions with circular base plate. Possibly entirely to your design for installation in cylindrical tanks, for example. The solid base plate is calculated to support the overhang and the assembly stresses. The standard sealing of the pump on the mounting plate is done by means of a lip seal. Alternatively, gasket and mechanical seals are also available. The standard canisters are lubricated by the pumped liquid, but can also be lubricated by grease, oil, water or other liquids via an external system. Grooves provide lubrication. Axial Coupling and Adjustment: The two-half flexible couplings between the motor and the pump prevent the motor from increasing pump voltages. The pump shafts are coupled via an intermediate coupling. VS series flange column pipes and supply pipes are made of welded steel. The drain flange is UNI-PN 10 standard with “RF” finish. The maximum length of each column pipe is approximately 1250 mm, depending on the pump size.

Special versions
Special versions according to the naval regulations are also available: shockproof, vibration-resistant, sound-resistant, not magnetic. In addition, Garbarino supplies the VS series in many materials, from standard cast iron to (super) duplex.

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