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Product features

Centrifugal pumps for heat transfer systems according to DIN 4754

The Garbarino ZN pumps are designed to pump diathermic liquids up to a temperature of 350 ° C. Pumped liquids must not contain solid particles or chemicals that can attack the pump materials. External cooling of the sealing chamber is not required. Design features ZN pumps are centrifugal pump with the main dimensions of the pump based on ISO 2858. The bearing housing is specially designed to dissipate the heat coming from the pump housing and does not require a cooling circuit. The shaft is supported by two roller bearings, the pump side bearing is lubricated by oil and the coupling side bearing by grease. The mechanical seal is mounted in the bearing housing between the bearings. Due to the robust construction of the pump shaft and the bearing, the ZN guarantees exceptional performance on hot applications. The standard version has flanges according to UNI 2223/2229 NP 16, on request UNI NP 25 or ANSI 150 RF can be supplied.

Most important features
Operating temperatures up to 350 ° C, working pressure up to 16 bar. Maximum capacity is 350 m³ per hour.

Product specs

Flowrate350 m³ / hr
Head100 m.
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