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Containerized Fire water pumps

For one of our customers, we recently converted four containers into complete pump rooms according to the American fire fighting regulation NFPA. We used 40ft standard High Cube containers for the construction of these pump rooms. The containers have a complete steel construction and a liquid-tight floor. The walls are provided with mineral wool with perforated plate for sound insulation and fire resistance. Two vertical turbine pumps are installed per container, powered by electric motors or diesel engines. The containers are equipped with a pressure pipe system in accordance with NFPA with non-return valves, valves, a test pipe with flow meter and one central pressure connection. A complete electrical installation is provided with main distribution system, lighting, heating, temperature-controlled ventilation and a fire control panel. The containers with diesel driven pumps are also equipped with an automatic sprinkler system. The complete container is fully tested on our test stand for performance and functionality. Roodhart has expanded the test stand especially for this project with an underground water supply of 300 m3. As a result of this investment, various vertical pumps can also be tested at Roodhart in the future. For the testing of the electric motor driven pumps we hired special aggregates with transformers because for this customer medium voltage motors (6.6kV) had to be installed.